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us. we should have sunshine and less humid conditions. the wind has shifted to the west. humidity is 93%. 63 degrees right now at the airport. mostly sunny today. less human. high temperature around 90 degrees. there could be some rain lingering at the lower eastern shore. first we say good morning to kim. >> good morning. a couple of problem spots. the report of an accident in the city at washburn ave. another southbound 95. the report of a vehicle fire. we'll give the a live look in just a moment. the other major roadways checking out ok. the topside running at 11 minutes. seven minutes between the beltway and 100 heading down to d.c.
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this is the northwest corner of the beltway. both loupes move it without delay. this is an 95 south of mountain road. there is a vehicle fire. it is not affecting traffic on 95. north and southbound moving just fine. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> violence in downtown baltimore during last night's festivities. >> a child was shot and in other person was stabbed to surely after the fireworks ended. jennifer franciotti is live at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. >> despite the massive police presence in and around the inner harbor last night, the violence including a man being stabbed outside of a popular restaurant. a boy was shot while walking with his parents at light street and pratt street surely
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after the fireworks display. this happened outside mccormick and schmitz. an adult man was stabbed in the neck following an altercation. that man was rushed to shock trauma where he was pronounced dead at the hostel. as for the boy, his parents say they heard some shots being fired. they looked down. his son was crying and holding his leg. the boy was taken to johns hopkins children's center. fred bealefeld talked about the police presence that will be available to keep people safe. >> over and over and over again, it is these maniacs with guns. we're going to keep working hard to get more and more and more people off the street. >> police commissioner fred bealefeld would not talk about the number of police officers on
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hand last night. he said it would have been in the hundreds. there was maryland state police, mdta officers. as for how something like this could have happened at the inner harbor, the police commissioner is expected to address all questions at a news conference later this morning. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> to live. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. to concerns about safety keep you from attending a large events? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> police continued to search for a gunman who shot and killed a man outside of a rosedale nightclub. george bryant was shot and later died. police believed the shooting may have stemmed from an argument.
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>> i know the places that i go to. i have my eyes wide open and a look over my shoulder. i would not judge this place by one incident at all. >> an officer who was injured try to secure the scene was treated and released. police are investigating the stabbing of an elderly man in parkville. police believe the incident was a result of a domestic dispute. no word on the condition of the victim. >> positive news on the fourth of july. a big homecoming at the airport. troops from all branches of the military were greeted as part of operation welcome bomb maryland. they have plucked from the early 2500 members. operation welcome home has greeted over five other flights and more than 100,000 service members at the airport.
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the outgoing commander spent his fourth of july with troops. david petraeus spoke at the enlistment ceremony. soldiers talked about how they feel about serving their country on this independence day. >> you can feel the honor. it makes it more important to me. >> david petraeus said the focus on troops will move from taliban stronghold to the border of pakistan. he will turn over the forces on july 18. >> congress returns from its holiday break as the clock continues to tick towards the august 2 default deadline. kate amara has more. >> with time running out, there
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is now talk of a temporary measure. congress comes back to work today. the senate cancelling this week's planned recess. on august 2, the government will run out of money to pay its bills. chances are a deal was not done this week. >> there is a lot of discussion that has to take place before signing on the dotted line. a lot of the senate will be in session. this is for a show as much for anything. >> democrats are pushing for spending reductions along with billions of dollars in new revenue. republicans insist the plan cannot include tax increases. >> this is a situation unlike any i've seen it in my years following the federal budget.
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the most important reason is that compromise is not acceptable. >> there are suggestions now that both sides may be willing to embrace a mini-deal of six to eight months which would include the cuts negotiators have agreed on. live in washington, kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> is there any other way around this debt situation? >> there is increasing talk about the 14th amendment which would allow the president to raise the debt ceiling without any congressional vote. the president can ignore the debt ceiling because it is unconstitutional and ordered the secretary of treasury to borrow whatever, a money the government needs. >> kate amara, thank you. >> 71 degrees on tv hill. the pursuit of a suspect turns a
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deadly in florida. >> police make an arrest in an illinois cold case. >> this is the traffic on 50 at 97. most people returning to work this morning. kim dacey will fill you in on which roads to avoid.
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>> welcome back. all quiet downtown. 74 degrees at the maryland science center. we had a front comes through last night. that is off the coast now. 69 at the airport. 70 degrees in westminster. the humidity is going down. it will be a warm day but less humid with a high temperature around 90. we'll come back and check the forecast going into the weekend. >> a florida sheriff's deputy
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dies. authorities say the deputy joined in on a pursuit to assist other officers when he lost control of his cruiser and crashed into the tree. the suspect eventually surrendered. a suspect in the slaying of an illinois girl is finally in custody. he is accused of kidnapping and killing a girl. this was back in 1957. he was a suspect at the time of the girls' disappearance. the case ran cold. he was arrested last week in seattle. he's being held on $3 million bail. >> some people in florida celebrated the fourth of july with speed. it was the 27th running of the super boat grand prix.
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boats are sponsored by big corporations. they raced at ids popping speeds at more eye-popping speeds. >> excuse me while i put my eyes back again. 5:12. the battle of the tablets. >> the rare a document that was found in a pennsylvania flea market. >> we have a disabled vehicle blocking one lan3q when water doesn't dry, it can leave spots and film. finish jet dry rinse agent removes residue and actively dries dishes, for a brilliant shine straight from the dishwasher. finish jet dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we have scattered incidents through the area. the report of an accident at washburn ave. new information on southbound 95 just past mountain road. that is a disabled vehicle and is off to the shoulder. at the bay bridge, a disabled vehicle eastbound on 50 at the bay bridge that is blocking the right lane. this is a live look at the beltway in the northwest corner. old court road looking good. this is 95 south of mountain road. looks like traffic is moving just fine in both directions. no delays to report. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to vanetta brooks of the mta system. good morning.
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>> we're looking at some scattered bus delays including the five, seven, 13, in 23 lines all running a few minutes behind schedule. the three, 63, as 64 lines are diverting at charles and conway street. light rail has a 10-minute delay in the northbound direction. penn, camden, and brunswick lines is running problem-free. i am vanetta brooks. now back to tony pann. >> good morning. we will wind up with a nice day today. we had some rain in some neighborhoods last night. i know some of you watch just across the lower eastern shore counties. you guys may see some rain around cambridge in some areas. around baltimore, we're finished with the rain. the skies are clear. we will have sunshine.
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clear skies at the present time. some drier air will start to work its way in. it will take some time. there is some fog out there. the dew point drops to 60 in york, pennsylvania. temperatures right now -- upper 60's and low 70's. 73 in edgewood. 68 degrees in rising sun. mostly sunny. it will still be a warm day. it will termless humid. the wind shifting to the northwest -- it will feel less humid. mostly clear tonight. temperatures drop back into the 60's in most areas. tomorrow, that same front will come back is a warm front. it will move north of us. we'll get into a warm and humid air mass. it will take until thursday
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afternoon for this one to clear. we have a chance for rain back in the forecast by the middle of the week. high temperature either side of 90 degrees. into the weekend, it should be quiet but warm. 86 on friday. 92 by sunday. the next chance for rain will come in on monday afternoon. >> it seems for many people, tablets are replacing laptops as portable computers. we have another entry. we have the latest. >> it is the latest tablet to dial into the mobile computing frame. it is called seeus. it might work, especially if
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you're a business person on the cote. >> it is not like is one more thing i'm sticking in my bag. this represents a consolidation. i have my phone, my video device, and the tablet, completely portable. >> it was shown off on all platforms at the same time. it takes the company's concept and shrinks it down to wait seven-inch screen. you can do it for using interviews. it can save money when doing business travel. >> absolutely. in a train, on an airplane. >> it starts at the high end of the talbot market, $700. could this be the one tablet you own? >> it does fit the consumer model.
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>> it is new, a little different, and ask your boss to buy you one. >> yeah, right. >> are you going to ask the or me?omayor cyber attacks continue. jane king has more in the bloomberg business report. welcome back. >> good morning. thank you. the same old worries about greece. that will be a concern on wall street. the efforts to pull greece from the brink may result in a default rating from the credit rating agency. futures are pretty quiet. people will be slow coming back to work this morning. ahead of the fourth of july
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holiday, stocks are rising to their highest levels since may. an unexpected pick up in american manufacturing. google is looking to take on the feds. the look to defend themselves from a broad antitrust investigation. apple is one of the latest victims of cyber attacks. computer hackers posted a document on an apple server. news corp. apologizing for false messages from its twitter. hackers posted that president obama had been assassinated. smart phones getting smarter. more people using smart phones to unlocked doors. a number of businesses are betting on it for the future. a major block maker markets a system for home owners to use their mobile phones to unlocked the doors and turn on their air
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conditioners. nice to walk into a cool home and not wait for things to cool down. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> i understand more government agencies are adopting tablets. >> they are. the pentagon leads spending on tablets. the army and navy are testing the device for use in planes and on the battlefield. more coming up in my next report. >> thank you. 5:22. 71 degrees on tv hill. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. to concerns about safety keep you from attending large events like the fourth of july? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to
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>> a rare a document was found recently. >> an original copy of the declaration of independence. we have more. >> i am always hunting for them. >> at a flea market, this man saw something. >> it was a good size declaration. p.nd of speed beat u >> for $100, he bought a facsimile of the original declaration of independence. he found more information about the process. philadelphia auction catalog, it
5:26 am
stunned him. >> it was a copy printed from the original, which caused the damage to the original. no one ever said anywhere before. >> he took the copy and the old wooden frame to a curator where another copy resides. >> we put them on the table. he laid his next to mine. a rush came through me. i thought, wow. went on display in buck's country. >> i am amazed that you can stumble upon an incredible document, a historical document at a flea market. >> to see a copy of the original declaration next to how it looks today is starving. but tom knows it was meant to be
5:27 am
found at that flea market and preserved this july 4. he said he will think about its value later. >> we have been thinking about the value of all morning. incredible. 5:27. 71 degrees on tv hill. coming up -- >> despite its assurances of public safety, a man is stabbed to death at the inner harbor. a boy is shot. i am jennifer franciotti. these cells are next. >> many are waiting for the verdict trial in the case against casey anthony. >> the weather should be quiet today. we have some thunderstorms in the forecast. >> we have two incidents in anne >> we have two incidents in anne
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. let's check weather and traffic. hello. >> hello. there was some rain in some neighborhoods last night. not a big deal. now a front because all that is south of us and we'll have a decent day today. 69 at the airport. humidity is the kind of high. that will be coming down. you'll get more and more comfortable as far as the humidity goes. we're shooting for high temperature around 90. if you watched at the lower eastern shore, you may see some rain to start today. that will stay south of baltimore. >> traffic not looking too bad so far. folks heading back to work. we have some good news to report
5:31 am
in the city. the accident at washburn avenue just cleared a few minutes ago. a disabled vehicle on southbound 95 is off to the shoulder at mountain road. traffic should be moving fine. east down 50 at the bay bridge, we have a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane. a few things to watch out for heading out the door this morning. this is the beltway at old court road. that is moving just fine. it looks like no problem spots. this is an 95 south of mountain road. you can see in north and southbound traffic is moving just fine. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> a child is shot and another person stabbed. >> this happened surely after the fireworks presentation ended last night in downtown baltimore. jennifer franciotti is live with the latest on the
5:32 am
investigations. >> police had a highly coordinated plan to ward off violence. the first incident did in the vault a boy. he was shot in the upper fivthig while walking with his parents -- in the upper thigh. he was rushed to johns hopkins children's center. there was a stepping outside of mccormick and schmicks restaurant. a man was stabbed in the neck. he was taken to shock trauma where he was later pronounced dead. police commissioner fred bealefeld addressed reporters about the issue of keeping everybody safe. >> we need many more eyes on the ground about what is going on. i believe we have sufficient resources. tens of thousands of people, and have a fantastic time pair i'm
5:33 am
sure that tens of thousands of people will come again tonight. they will have a great time and it will be absolutely safe and they will come and go and have a wonderful experience. if people come to be naughty, we will deal with them in a hurry. >> that sound but was taken prior to last night's violence. we do know that fred bealefeld is planning to address what happened last night at a press conference later this morning. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do concerns about safety downtown keep you from attending large events like the fourth of july, and new year's eve? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> an attack in a downtown parking garage. fred bealefeld said the attack inside the garage was the result of a long-running argument.
5:34 am
the dispute was so bad the victim had moved and had not seen the suspect until they ran into each other monday morning. the gunman shot the victim twice with a semi automatic victim. >> it gets back to where our priorities are. it really is these maniacs with guns. hard going to keep working to get more and more people off the street. >> the victim is expected to survive. he sure an arrest is on the way. a stabbing investigation in west baltimore. it is not clear how many people were stabbed. the incident remains under investigation. >> a boy drowned after going into the water at sandy point state park. this happened monday morning. fire crews pulled saquan kennedy out of the water and he
5:35 am
later died in a nearby hospital. kennedy was from baltimore. rescue crews will resume their search for a boater who fell overboard at the magothy river. the same boat with which the victim, james kane, fell. his friend was rescued. kane could not be found. >> the fate of the mother accused of killing her daughter is now in the hands of the jury. 400 pieces of evidence have taken center stage in this case. now a group of 12 jurors who are at the center of the casey anthony murder trial. we have more. >> as the jury gathered behind closed doors on monday, dozens gathered at the spot where caylee anthony's remains were
5:36 am
found. the public response and the private deliberations. >> they are going to consider third degree felony murder and two types of premeditated murder. they don't have to agree on which it is. there are six other counts. it is a complicated. >> after wading through the instructions and deliberate for around six hours yesterday, the jury will get back to work today. reviewing testimony from almost 400 items entered as evidence. >> the key question as it relates to manslaughter or child abuse and murder charges that will be presented, is how did she die? what happened to her? what is proven beyond the exclusion of every reasonable
5:37 am
doubt. not just some but every single one. and those questions were never answered. that evidence was never presented to you. >> to say there is no evidence to connect casey anthony two- caylee's death ignores all of this evidence. >> jay gray reporting for wbal- tv 11 news. >> the jury is expected to begin deliberations later this morning. who are these jurors? we break down the demographics about each juror on our website, click on national news. >> 71 degrees on tv hill. a link discovered between anti depressants and autism. >> some of our early morning problem spots have cleared. we will of the latest in your traffic pulse
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>> welcome back. we have some fog and haze out there. we will wind up with a pretty decent day. upper 60's and low 70's. the humidity is coming down. some dry air is working its way in from pennsylvania. it will become less humid. high temperature around and 90. we will check the forecast going into the upcoming weekend. stay with us. >> prenatal exposure to certain anti depressants has been linked to increased risk of autism.
5:41 am
researchers looked at medical records of autistic children and their mothers. women taking a certain drug or more than twice as likely to have a child later diagnosed as having an autism disorder. >> computer generated medical prescriptions have as many errors as those written by hand. it was created to help prevent mistakes. when researchers analyzed for thousands electronic prescriptions, they found one in 10 contained at least one error. the errors ranged from incorrect abbreviations to admitting how long a medicine should be taken. >> 71 degrees on tv hill. keith mills will have the highlights of last night's orioles game in texas. >> if you're outside celebrating
5:42 am
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for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we're looking pretty keyed so far. one problem spot and that is an edgewater pair with a crash to watch for. otherwise, we're looking good on the major roadways. 50 miles per hour on the harrisburg expressway heading down south to the beltway. looking good on the major roadways. eight minutes on the outer loop in the northeast corner. 95 northbound, four minutes.
5:45 am
nine minutes between 95 on the south side to the harbor tunnels. this is the northwest corner. old court road. volume building just a tad. we'll see if any delays develop. this is 95 south of mountain road. north and southbound moving just fine. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to vanetta brooks of the mta system. good morning. >> we continue to show some scattered bus delays as the five, seven, 13 lines continued to run a few minutes behind schedule. watch out for the three, 63, and 64 lines diverting at charles and conway street. brunswick trains running problem-free. light rail runs with a 10-minute delay in the northbound direction. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. we have a nice day on tap.
5:46 am
first we say good morning to ava marie. she is at valley view farms and talking about keeping mosquitoes away. >> good morning. the mosquitoes have been bad this year. it has been pretty bad out there. t spring. a wellspr >> we are paying the price for that. she will tell us how to use some products and some of the natural ones. >> there are some things. this has been around for awhile. this is not natural. this is something that does work. this will kill them.
5:47 am
this acts as a repellents. it has cedar oil and lemon grass. this can be sprayed around the grass. this will keep them away for up to three weeks. >> what are some things you can use on your body? >> we have seen this advertised on tv. there are some the difference praise you can use. there are some liquids values. i like these because you don't overapply. you put them on your neck. >> it does help to put an even layer. ugs.hese are mosquito bo what is cool about this is is a natural bacillus.
5:48 am
you can throw this in your pond. it will last about a month. it will kill any mosquito. you're getting them in the early stage. it is amazing. put that in a bird bath. >> what if your dog comes to this? great. these are all great products. these are safe for your family and pets and they are effective. we will talk about preventative measures. that is the most helpful thing to do. let's check the weather. we are seeing dry conditions as the cold front is seeking to the south. we will do with mostly dry weather and sunshine. it will be warming up into the
5:49 am
afternoon. we go back to tony in the studio. those are some good tips. >> that is a good deal. you have great tips and now you have breakfast. >> i will be trying them coming up. >> thank you. the storm ava was talking about is moving off the delmarva coast line. it will take the rain with it. high pressure is moving in from the north. that is good news for us. we will see some dry air starting to sink in south about out of pennsylvania. we can see that on the satellite imagery. the back gate of the clouds -- skies are clear and we will see sunshine today. the dew points will drop off. it is still some muggy.
5:50 am
you can see the dew points dropped into the 60's in southern pennsylvania. upper 60 costs and lower 70's. 72 in columbia. 70 degrees in jarrettsville. mostly sunny and warm today but less humid. high temperature between 87 and 92 degrees. temperatures will drop back into the 60's tonight in most areas. it will get muggy again on wednesday and thursday. the chance for rain increases. as the front goes by on thursday, we will see some storms with a high temperature around 91. it will get warm again but teachers stay drive this weekend. we will hit 92 on sunday. it is never too early to talk about next weekend. back to you. >> 5:50.
5:51 am
71 degrees on tv hill. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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5:53 am
>> this morning we asked -- do concerns about safety downtown keep you from attending large events like the fourth of july, and new year's eve?
5:54 am
>> keep sending us those responses. we will post more of your answers on the front page of >> good morning, everybody. not a good start for the orioles last by. the birds lose game 1 of the series. it is quite obvious when you look at buck showalter, he is worried about the orioles' starting pitching. not worried about mark reynolds. he is on a home-run tear. britain 19 for mark. -- number 19 for mark. endy chavez. fair or foul? chris jakubauskas gave up the lead. adrian beltre.
5:55 am
this was the end of the night for jakubauskas. the birds try to give back into miit. watch the scope of the glove -- watch the scoop. john shelton loses his glove -- josh hamilton loses his glove. mark reynolds hits number 20. derek jeter return to the yankees last night. he has been out for three weeks. he is six hits shy of 3,000. tapper down the first base line. this was ruled an error. derek jeter made the all-star game. great play by the first baseman.
5:56 am
65 rbi. not on the all-star team. the indians or the yankees. indians over the yankees. >> when is training camp? >> july 22 for the hall of fame teams. >> we have some time. >> ava marie will continue to talk about ways to keep mosquitoes away. >> the benefits of a certain food supplement that has been creating a lot of buzz. >> a flipping good time. a record-breaking stunt. >> we have some rain in the seven-day forecast. >> we have a few more problem spots on the roads including one
5:57 am
on 97.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> the fourth of july celebration at the inner harbor turns deadly. one man is killed. i am jennifer franciotti. details are next. >> the vacation is over. congress comes back to work on a dead deal. i am kate amara in washington. >> as people come back to work, what kind of whether it should they plan for?

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